• 5 player card game
Awards & Mentions
  • Best Sustainability Event Award, Festival of Creative Learning
Funded by
University of Edinburgh


Project Breakdown

In this competitive board game, people act as endangered animals overcoming the effects of humanity on the environment to find love and replenish the species. The first penguin to find love, by collecting enough tokens or winning a random love encounter, wins the game.


Scenario Cards

Players start by choosing a character representing an endangered penguin species. Throughout the game they must overcome obstacles in their environment with either a social, shelter or food theme. These are represented as scenario cards.


Action Cards

To defeat a scenario, a player must use an action card of the same theme (food, shelter or social). They must explain to the other players how they defeat the scenario by telling a story. If the other players are convinced, the scenario is defeated and the player wins a token.


Item Cards

Item cards can be used to help defeat scenarios. These are equipped in inventory slots on the character sheet.


Human Impact Card

Human impact cards describe changes to the penguin’s environment that are detrimental. These make it harder to defeat scenario cards.

What They’re Saying

A very innovative contribution to the event!

Karen HarrisBiomedical Teaching Organisation, University of Edinburgh

Just great! It raises awareness while having fun!


I enjoyed the complexity but a simpler version would also be good for younger ages. Great game!


Magnificent! You should share it with charities, action groups and schools!

Festival Organiser

Survey of 28 players


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