National Compliance and Risk Qualifications


  • Script with dialogue and panel descriptions
  • Digital lineart in black and white
  • Digitally coloured comic pages

Thirty page comic designed as a learning resource

The script for this comic was based on a true story about two individuals caught in an explosion. It highlights the need for establishing and following health and safety protocols. This case study comic is used as a learning resource in an accredited health and safety course delivered by National Compliance and Risk Qualifications.

Alanah is very talented, imaginative, easy to communicate with and happy to collaborate.

John MDirector of Education, NCRQ

A unique development process tailored to you


This is where the rough outline of the comic is developed. Meeting the  client and discussing the look, feel and core message of the graphic to be developed.


This is where the descriptions of each panel and accompanying text is written as a word document. In this phase I establish how many panels will be on a page and how many pages will be in each chapter. This part of the process can be quite collaborative and include multiple review steps by the client, expect several drafts before the script is completed.


One of the most important steps in the project’s development. The outline is presented as a rough sketch and reviewed by the client to ensure the core messages are clear and engaging for the viewer.


This is where illustrations required for the final graphic are created as digital lineart. The client can see the final images before they are coloured and raise any concerns or questions.


This is where the images are brought to life and the mood is set using colour palettes established in the Outline phase.


Research Assistant


Research Assistant


Head of Department


Defence Academy Principle

A cautionary tale based on true events

The lives of Martin, Sam, Rose and Aaron are suddenly derailed when a tragic work-based accident brings them together.

In this comic, the story of that day is told from four important perspectives, chosen to show key roles in health and safety practices.