Social behavioural change project using story-based strategy

Creatives in Schools is a programme delivered by the Ministry of Education | Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga in partnership with the Ministry for Culture and Heritage | Te Manatū Taonga and Creative New Zealand. In this programme professional artists and creative practitioners partner with schools and kura to share their specialist knowledge and creative practice with students and ākonga.

Our project, Comics for Change, aimed to build narrative capacity, the ability to understand and work with stories, as well as change attitudes and behaviour around science and social issues.

Over 10 weeks, students deconstructed problem stories around science in the Ormiston community and re-imagined positive alternatives through comics. The project is an equalizer which gives voice to young people and provides them with the necessary skills and platforms to maximize their potential as actors for development.

Designing and delivering this project from conception, to classroom, to exhibition allowed me the opportunity to gain new insights, capabilities, and immerse myself in experimentation.


Comics for Change | Ormiston Town Centre, Auckland | 9-30 Jul 2021

Awards & Mentions

Creatives in Schools | Ministry of Education, NZ | 2021

“Comics for Change is a wonderful example of the power of stories to help change how we see the world and make our communities a better place to live.”

Edward RossComic book author

We should all listen

“Through their colourful and entertaining comics, these young artists are sharing their vision for a more compassionate and collaborative future. We should all listen.”

“Wow. Gutsy stuff!”